Norwegian Institute operates two library facilities: the Nordic Library at Athens and the Library of the Norwegian Institute

The Nordic Library is the result of cooperation of and is jointly managed by the four Nordic institutes in Athens (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish). The Library has over 35 000 titles, manorlib-top4-largeinly in the field of Greek archaeology, classics, and ancient Greek religion and history. Although serving as a research library for Nordic scholars, it also welcomes both Greek and foreign scholars who are members of the various research institutions and archaeological schools of Greece.

Links to the catalogues:

The Nordic Library

The Triantafyllos collection

The Nordic Library and the Triantafyllos collection

Address and contact:
The Nordic Library
Kavalotti 7,
GR-11742 Athens
Tel: +30 210 9249210
Fax: +30 210 9216487


In addition, the Norwegian Institute has its own Library. The book inventory of the Norwegian Institute’s library can be accessed via the Nordic library online catalogue here.


Finally, per agreement between the foreign schools and institutes at Athens, members of the Norwegian Institute have the right to access the libraries of other foreign schools/institutes. A special letter from the Norwegian Institute is needed for this and this service is only available to graduate students (MA and PhD level).