The Norwegian Institute at Athens maintains accommodation facilities for Norwegian and international students and scholars in need of staying in Athens during their study and/or research. Our accommodation is in the heart of Athens, conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of the Acropolis Metro, the Nordic Library at Athens, the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Italian institutes, the Acropolis, and the Acropolis Museum.

Location of the Norwegian Institute’s accommodation facilities on GoogleMaps.

Accommodation prices:


CategoriesSinglePer bed in double
Students from owner universities (UiO, UiB, NTNU, UIT) participating in Norwegian Institute courses20 €15 €
Other students (including PhD) and unemployed researchers and scholars25 €20 €
All other guests37 €25 €

Scholars’ apartment
For short term stay in individual rooms/beds the same prices as for the guesthouse apply. There is also an option of renting an entire apartment, contingent on availability. In that case the prices are 250 Euros/week or 800 Euros/month.

Download the accommodation application form for the Guesthouse
Download the accommodation application form for the Scholars’ Apartment

Please note that our accommodation is available to students, researchers, scholars and, generally speaking, persons with a research or scholarly agenda related to Greece and the Aegean in broad terms. We do not rent accommodation for private and tourists visits. We strongly recommend that you contact the Institute ( to check for availability of accommodation during your intended stay before sending in an application. By applying to stay at the Norwegian Institute accommodation you agree to adhere to certain regulations (available with the application). Failure to do so may incur a fine determined by the Institute.

Your study/research home away from home: NorwInst’s Guesthouse and Scholars’ Apartment


The Guesthouse (Propylaion 30, 2nd floor – NEW ADDRESS!)

The Norwegian Institute at Athens runs a guesthouse situated in 30 Propylaion Street, 2nd floor, on the slopes of the Acropolis hill, in the area of Acropolis/Koukaki. The guesthouse is mainly used for lodging students who attend lectures and seminars at the Institute. In between our seminars, the facilities are available to students, researchers, scholars and others by request.

The Guesthouse consists of a large apartment occupying an entire floor of a building. It contains 4 bedrooms with either single or twin bed arrangements and one room with a large double bed. The kitchen, bathroom, and a small common room are shared. The guesthouse also has a laundry room.
The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, a stove for cooking, and a dishwasher. The rooms have duvets for the winter, bed sheets and towels. Weekly housekeeping and change of bed sheets and towels is performed by the Institute’s staff, but the guests are responsible for keeping the rooms and common areas clean and in good shape.

The guesthouse is usually occupied during mid-January to March, mid-April to mid-May, mid-June till August and most of October, as well as 1-2 weeks in November, due to seminars held by the Norwegian Institute at Athens.   For inquiries about the rooms
or housing, please contact us by e-mail, and we will send you an application form.  Return the form by e-mail, and we will answer your request as soon as possible.


The Scholars’ apartment

View from the balcony of the scholars' apartment

View from the balcony of the scholars’ apartment

For longer stays, researchers, scholars and others can request a stay in our separate apartment, located close by, in 10 Chatzichristou street, 3rd floor. The apartment has internet access and two rooms, one single and one double, and shared living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Acropolis Museum and metro stop and 5 minutes away from the Norwegian Institute.

Photo credits: Audny Hegstad Diamantis, Zarko Tankosic