The board of the Norwegian Institute at Athens consists of five members. The following Universities are represented on the Board: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the University of Oslo and the University of Tromsø each appoint one member of the board with personal deputies, while the University of Bergen appoints two members with personal deputies.


Members from January 2015: 

Chairman of the board, Professor Einar Thomassen, University of Bergen.

Deputy Director General Trine Moe, University of Bergen.

Vice Dean Eirik Welo, University of Oslo.

Professor Marek Jasinski, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Professor Rolf Gaasland, University of Tromsø.


Deputies from January 2015:

Professor Pär Ola Sandin, University of Bergen (deputy for Einar Thomassen)

Assistant Director Kim Ove Hommen, University of Bergen (deputy for Trine Moe)

Associate Professor Marina Prusac Lindhagen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo (deputy for Eirik Welo).

Head of Administration John Kamsvåg, NTNU (deputy for Marek Jasinski)

Professor Emeritus Richard A. Holt, University of Tromsø