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Mycenean-Cult-Buildings-01Vol. 1
Whittaker, Helène, 1997:
Mycenaean Cult Buildings. A study of their architecture and function in the context of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Bergen.
x+338 pp.
EURO 27.



Petition-and-Response-01Vol. 2
Hauken, Tor, 1998:
Petition and Response. An epigraphic study of petitions to Roman emperors 181-249. Bergen.
xii+383 pp.
ISBN 82-9126-08-1.
EURO 27.



Two-Battles-and-two-Bills-Marathon-and-the-Athenian-Fleet-01Vol. 3
Schreiner, Johan Henrik, 2004: Two Battles and two Bills: Marathon and the Athenian Fleet. Oslo.
ISBN 82-91626-30-8
EURO 27.