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Vernissage: De-Hydrated. Photo Exhibition. A Collaboration between Norway and Greece 

Monday, March 4th, 19.30, at the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Tsami Karatasou 5.


Πού πας, Ευρώπη; Where are you heading, Europe? – A Roundtable

Tuesday, March 12: Contemporary Europe

13.00-17.45: Location: Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Norwegian Institute at Athens, we want to host a conversation between academics, journalists and diplomats on the current state of Europe and what it looks like especially from its northwestern and southeastern corners – Norway and Greece. Is it correct, as a group of 30 intellectuals have recently warned before the European elections in the spring of 2019, that the battle for Europe is the battle for civilization? That Europe’s core values are under attack as never before, and that the EU looks like the Soviet Union in 1991, just before the collapse (George Soros)? Or is Fintan O’Toole closer to the truth when he claims that it is exactly at moments of crisis that the true strengths and worth of the European project can be seen? These big questions will provide the wider horizon for the roundtable structured under four interconnected headings:

Democracy, Cohesion, Migration and Populism.

To use a well-known metaphor, Greece has recently been seen to be to Europe what the canary is to the coalmine,. Two examples are economy and migration. Taking Greece as a point of departure allows us to think about relationships, institutions and democratic practices within Europe, and also between Europe and its closest neighbours since Greece is a gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean. It will also add perspective to the discussion that the host’s affiliation is Norway, a country that is part of Europe but never joined the common, political project.

Moderator of the discussion will be Brady Kiesling, Athens-based writer, archaeologist, and former U.S. diplomat


13.00          Welcome and Introduction
Jorunn Økland, Director, Norwegian Institute
Greeting, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Athens,
Mrs. Elisabeth Lothe

13.15          I Keynote papers and Opening Conversation: Democracy
Dimitris Chryssochoou, “Union, politeia or (somehow) both?”
Stuart Robinson, “Reworking Democracy in Times of Crisis.”


14.45          II Migration and other Traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean
Elisabeth Lothe
Kari Grødum
Stian Bromark


15.45          III Populism and nationalism
Vemund Aarbakke, Is Greece part of Europe?
Alexandra Halkias, Gender and Populism


 16.45          IV Cohesion: Culture and Identity
Bjørn Kvalsvik Nicolaysen, “Rhetorical Citizenship”
Ida Lødemel Tvedt, “Marianegropen,” Zeitgeist and belonging

Discussion and Closing

Mrs. Elisabeth Lothe, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Athens
Dimitris Chryssochoou, Professor of Theory and Institutions of European Integration, Panteion University, Athens
Stuart Robinson, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø
Kari Grødum, Leader of Metochi Study Centre, Lesvos (University of Agder).
Stian Bromark, writer and editor, Agenda Magasin and Res Publica Press, Oslo.
Vemund Aarbakke, Associate Professor of Political Science, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki
Alexandra Halkias, Professor of Gender Studies and Sociology, Panteion, University, Athens
Bjørn Kvalsvik Nicolaysen, Professor of Literacy Studies, University of Stavanger
Ida Lødemel Tvedt, writer, tutor, Columbia University.


13. March: Annual Meeting (all day):

09.00: 30 Years of Norwegian Field Work in Greece
Location: Swedish Institute at Athens

During the day, as well the most recent finds and studies as the development over 30 years will be presented. The annual report presented in the evening will therefore be focused on other aspects of the Institute’s work and contain the last results from the field only in brief form.


Welcome by Jorunn Økland

09.15 Tegea
Athina Alea Temple and Sanctuary Excavations
Erik Østby, Professor Em., Archaeology, University of Bergen
Gullӧg Nordqvist, Professor Em., Classical archaeology, University of Uppsala

Hellenic-Norwegian Excavations at Tegea and Norwegian Arcadia Survey (NAS)
Knut Ødegård, Associate Professor, History, University of Oslo

Norwegian Arcadia Survey, Part II (NAS 2)
Jørgen Bakke, Associate Professor, Art History, University of Bergen
Hege A. Bakke-Alisøy, World Heritage Coordinator, Bryggen, City of Bergen

Norwegian Arcadia Survey, Part III (NAS 3)
Mari Malmer, Doctoral Student, University of Gothenburg

11.15 Ithaka
Greek Norwegian Deep Water Archaeological Survey at Ithaca (report only)

11.30 Petropigi
Excavations at Petropigi near Kavala
Siri Sande, Professor Emerita, Classical Archaeology, University of Oslo

11.45 Break

12.15: Naxos
Apalirou Environs Project
Knut Ødegård, Associate Professor, History, University of Oslo

Southern Naxos Greek Norwegian Underwater Survey
Sven Ahrens, Norwegian Maritime Museum

Hallvard Indgjerd, Doctoral student, British School at Athens Studentship, University of St Andrews

13.15 Iraklia
Irakleia Caves Excavation Project
Fanis Mavridis, Ministry of Culture, Dept. for Palaeoanthropology – Caves of Southern Greece, Faculty Member

13.35 Karystos
Norwegian Archaeological Survey in the Karystia
Gourimadi Archaeological Project
Dr. Zarko Tankosic, Higher Executive Officer, The Norwegian Institute at Athens, Research Associate, Indiana University

15.00 -16.00 Book Launch: La Rotonde palatine à Thessalonique: Architecture et mosaïques, 2 vols., Athens, Kapon, 2018.
Hjalmar Torp and Bente Kiilerich


19:00 Annual Open Meeting
Location: the Acropolis Museum, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street


Professor Jorunn Økland, Director of the Institute:
Brief Report on the Work of the Institute in 2018

Music: L. v. Beethoven, Piano Sonata no. 12 in A-flat major

Dr. George Kakavas, Director, Numismatic Museum, Athens:
Et in Arcadia Ego: Bringing to Light the Ancient Greek and Roman Arcadian Coins from the Numismatic Museum Collections.