December 19, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Norwegian Institute at Athens
Tsami Karatasou 5-7
Athina 117 42

Dr. Filip Ivanovic, Onassis Fellow in residence at the Norwegian Institute at Athens will give a talk titled:

Philosophy and Likeness to God: Early Christian Development of a Platonic Theme

The lecture will take place at the Norwegian Institute at Athens (Tsami Karatsou 5, 5th floor, Koukaki) on Tuesday, December 12, at 7 PM.

This lecture will depart from the two famous Platonic dictums, that philosophy is training for death, and that the goal of human life is becoming like God. Christian thinkers did not find it difficult to accept these ideas of the pagan Plato, especially in the light of the Biblical narrative of man’s creation “in the image and likeness of God”. While the image is something inherent in human nature, likeness is yet to be attained, and so, for example, Maximus the Confessor says that man was in the beginning created in the image, so that he would freely “acquire the likeness by the keeping of the divine commandment”. For Plato, too, assimilation to God means becoming just and holy with wisdom. Throughout the lecture, we will examine how Christian philosophers/theologians appropriated of Plato’s idea, developed its ethical, anthropological and epistemological aspects, and added a soteriological significance to it.