Examination in Norwegian for international students

Please read thoroughly the information provided below (including the downloadable materials) before contacting the Institute with any further questions not already addressed here.ÆØÅ-1

Examination in Norwegian for international students, level 1, 2 and 3, will be arranged by the Norwegian Institute at Athens in cooperation with the Department of Linguistics and Nordic Studies, University of Oslo, for the autumn semester of 2018. The dates of the exams are December 16-17. Further information on the time of the exams will be given to registered students after the end of the application deadline. We urge you to not make any travel arrangements until exam dates are finally confirmed by the Institute after the end of the application deadline.

The exams will be graded at the University of Oslo, and confirmation / transcript will be sent to candidates by the Norwegian Institute.

Registration must be sent by e-mail to Audny Hegstad Diamantis at audny.diamantis@uib.no and must be received no later than Monday, November 19, 2018. Please fill in the registration form (link to the file below), and attach a scanned copy of your passport or national ID card clearly showing the personal information page. We strongly advise you to apply personally directly to the Institute and not through your language school or any other intermediary. If you still choose the latter, the Institute will not be responsible for any miscommunication and the resulting inability to participate in the exam.

The examination fee is 100 € per candidate for each examination (e.g., if you plan to take the exam in two levels in the same exam term you will need to pay 200 Euros). Registered candidates will receive supplemental information, including bank deposit details, after the application deadlineThe examination fee must be submitted to our bank account in order to confirm your participation, and the bank receipt must be mailed to the institute no later than 1 week before the date of the exams. The candidate is responsible for any potential bank transfer fees.

For further information not contained on this page, please contact Audny Hegstad Diamantis by e-mail at audny.diamantis@uib.no.

Important documents to download:




Exam grades comparison to the Common European Framework of Reference  for Languages (approximate)

Test examples – former exams (part 2 and 3) for all three levels can be uploaded below. Part 1 consists of a dictation on levels 1 and 2, and a listening test on level 3.

Trinn 1 – NORINT0110



Trinn 2 – NORINT0120



Trinn 3 – NORING0130




Learning Norwegian in Greece

The Norwegian Institute at Athens does not provide Norwegian language instruction or courses. For a list of several institutions and persons in Greece that do give classes in Norwegian, please visit the web pages of the Norwegian Embassy in Athens.

How to get to the Norwegian Institute at Athens